As of May 2021 (and as I write this, it is 10th May, 2021) Easy Profile Profits links will not work / the site will show a ‘deactivated’ notice.

Reason: Easy Profile Profits is being moved to the ClickFunnels platform๐Ÿ‘

Note: The opt-in via the ‘pop-up’ for the free ebook is not affected – you can still have that ๐Ÿ™‚

Proven Social Media Marketing!

FACT :  A good internet marketing / affiliate marketing training course will usually cost from $1K ($997) through to $2K and above!

and there will usually be one module or chapter about the subject of Facebook Engagement – one module that fits in with the many equally-important modules within the broad ‘internet marketing’ core topic.

QUESTION :  How comprehensive, ‘detailed’ (or limited!) would a particular subject be examined if the main agenda of a course is [ to teach its many aspects to cover ] the broader ‘core’ subject ?

WHAT IF THERE IS :  a standalone course that teaches Facebook Engagement? It would be like a full-blown ‘module’ dedicated to the many necessary aspects of that one specific topic.


The creators of Easy Profile Profits (EPP) are Peter Barry and Fraser McDonaldboth proven multiple 6-figure earners who have helped hundreds of people create a full time income online using free Facebook strategies.

โœ… Easy Profile Profits   is said to be ‘hands-down the single most powerful Facebook course ever created for getting massive engagement and sales’. Lots more testimonials at the site of course …

” … in just about 2 weeks (working with Fraser),
I made 3K in just one day.
Fraser is a person who seriously cares for your success – throughout my highs and my lows

Joshua Ong

” … some years ago, I started online
I did everything my upline told me to do
but I didn’t earn money!
I was broke, my husband was complaining.
I implemented what Peter & Fraser told me to do,
and yea! my first sale – after more than 3 years of hard work,
I got my first sale only by implementing the strategies that Fraser and Peter told me to do

Cindy Verdonck

“I was living in my car
… and then I found EPP. It literally changed my life
made over 4K in first 7 days
I went from living in a car to living in this pretty nice place”

Dan Comeau